People of Faith . . .

                       Hearing a Call

We didn't intend to come together to start producing horsemanship events.  God took care of our coming together.  Three people.  A south-central Minnesota cowboy who moved to Texas six years ago; an Austin, Texas cowgirl who has loved and worked with horses all her life; and an accomplished horsemanship clinician from north Texas who, by his faith in the Lord, has overcome an incredible physical challenge.

Now, together, we are engaged in something very special that we believe we've been called to do!  Bring people and their horses together in an environment that acknowledges the Glory of God and Honors the Horse so that all of us can gain knowledge and a greater understanding of how to partner with this magnificent animal.

Bob Hanson

Originating from Minnesota, Bob's family ran a cow-calf operation and also raised Quarter horses. Based on a love for horses and some God-given talent, Bob became the one who trained the family horses. Six years ago, Bob moved to Texas and his life came full circle. He has a small Quarter horse ranch near Thorndale, Texas, and in his own training methods, draws from renowned horsemen, Martin Black and Buck Brannaman, practicing the Vaquero style of horsemanship.

Laura Harvey

An Austin, Texas, cowgirl, Laura now has her own horse ranch near Bastrop, Texas, and is an accomplished rider and trainer. Laura is a barrel racing competitor with a foundation in dressage and also enjoys ranch sorting.  Her love for horses and dogs is apparent in the way she relates to both. Today, Laura works with horses of various breeds and backgrounds and practices natural horsemanship techniques focusing on feel, timing, and balance.

Michael Richardson​

While the first steps he took were in Ohio, Michael made it to Texas as soon as he could, following a path the Lord provided.  A Jeep accident left him a paraplegic in his early 20's.  Drawing from a broad base of experience in Fox Hunting, Eventing, Dressage and Jumping, then learning to ride again after his injury, Michael's approach to working with horses and people allows achievement of more with less force.  To learn more about Michael, go to:

Wha​t We Believe

All of God's creation is good.  No question.  And we believe there are two of God's creatures that have a very special relationship with humankind. Horses and dogs. Each of the founders of Grateful Heart Productions has a full life of experience with both of these amazing animals. We believe that one of the ways we glorify God is by being mindful, and respectful, of all that He created.

We believe the most effective way for humans to interact, and partner, with horses, is to relate to them with respect.  Force has no place in our interactions with horses. This may be best illustrated by the words of Tom Dorrance: "First you go with the horse.  Then the horse goes with you.  Then you go together."  

Join us on this journey of understanding of how we can better our horse handling skills and improve our horse's performance.